Fostering cognitive talents

Wavelength is a social network and support group for people who demonstrate an unusually high degree of emotional intelligence evidenced  through ability-based testing, either formal (e.g., scoring at least 145 on the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) or, on rare occasions informal (ex. Verifiable history of adeptly reasoning with emotional information).

Self-assessment tests for emotional intelligence like the Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test are not accepted at this time.

The purposes of Wavelength include but are not limited to:

1) Investigating if it is possible to create a society that is based on high emotional intelligence, and how such a society would differ from societies based on other cognitive abilities.

2) Establishing a collaborative and supportive social network for emotionally intelligent people.

3) Researching emotional intelligence’s role in business, family, education, and society.

4) Developing better ways of testing and training emotional intelligence.

Admissions & Membership
If you are interested in joining but have not ever taken an ability-based emotional intelligence test, you can likely contact the clinical psychology department nearest you to have one of their graduate students administer it to you for free, or arrange for a test through the psychometrics company Revelian.

Please send your score to membership@elysiantrust.org. Be sure to mention it is Wavelength you want to join, that you understand Wavelength requires civility, that you will be civil, and that you will participate in the group. People who do not participate over an extended period of time may be removed without notice.

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