Fostering diverse cognitive talents

Interrobang is a social network and support group for people who demonstrate an unusually high degree of creativity, either through testing (e.g., scoring at least 145 on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking) or through their portfolio (e.g., art, music, inventions, creative writing, filmmaking). Its members are called “Interrobangers.”

This is an online community where members can share their work and ideas–at various stages of development–with other creative souls. Unlike some of its sister-societies, critical-thinking is not the focus for Interrobang.  We welcome the “silly” ideas. Let your musings run wild.  We recognize that to get to that one idea or work that has transformative power, you may have to go through ninety-nine ideas that don’t. Interrobang is here to encourage you through the process.

Admissions and Membership
If you are interested in joining Interrobang, please submit either:
1. Your Creative Work Portfolio.
2. Your test score of at least 145 (99.9th percentile) on the Torrance-Tests of Creative Thinking.
3. Your test score of at least 145 (99.9th percentile) on the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults

If interested in joining us, please email your submission to membership at elysiantrust dot org. Along with your portfolio or test score, be sure to mention it is Interrobang you want to join, that you understand Interrobang requires civility, that you will be civil, and that you will participate in the group. Admins may remove people who do not participate within a 12-month period of time.