Igniting Innovation, Nurturing Diversity, Unleashing Potential.

Elysian’s new services have been designed with the needs of business incubators and accelerators in mind, ensuring we provide valuable support to burgeoning startups, and their investors, at every stage of their journey. The combination of our passion for empowering marginalized communities and our expertise in financial management positions Elysian Trust as a leading partner for incubators and accelerators across the globe.

Elysian offers:

  • Academic Consulting ServicesAt Elysian Trust, we offer cutting-edge Academic Consulting Services, providing strategic guidance to educational institutions on how to best serve their gifted, twice-exceptional, or neurodiverse students. Our seasoned academic consultants craft tailored programs that not only meet your institution’s specific needs but also align with your budget and demographic realities. Along with program development, we also excel at unlocking funding opportunities, thus bolstering the capacity of your institution to deliver quality education. Partner with us for a holistic approach that values every student’s potential.
  • Business Accelerator and Incubator ServicesOur Business Accelerator and Incubator Services offer holistic support to promising startups, particularly those led by individuals from marginalized communities and engaged in the gifted sectors. From securing grants to bookkeeping and accounting, and marketing and PR, we provide a range of services designed to foster growth and success. Elysian Trust ensures your startups are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in the business landscape, creating transformative impacts on our world.
  • Fundraising Consulting ServicesElysian Trust’s Fundraising Consulting Services are designed to empower for-profit and non-profit organizations by unlocking grant funding for their innovations. Our experienced grant writing team navigates the intricate grant application process, offering end-to-end support from identifying suitable opportunities to application drafting and submission. Along with this, we have introduced programs to train individuals from the communities we serve, fostering long-term sustainability and growth. With us, you gain not just a service provider but a devoted partner committed to your success.
  • Marketing and Public Relations ServicesElysian Trust’s Marketing and Public Relations Services aim to propel your startup to new heights of success. Under the strategic guidance of our Chief Marketing Officer, we offer comprehensive marketing and PR services that cover market analysis, product evaluation, and market research. We help your startup gain visibility through strategic media exposure, ensuring brand recognition and a stellar reputation in the industry. We not only support your startup’s entry into the market but ensure its sustained momentum and influence.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping ServicesElysian’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Services provide comprehensive financial management support to startups emerging from incubators or accelerators. Our seasoned accounting team, experienced across local businesses and leading accounting firms like Deloitte, handles all your financial needs, including business plan drafting, financial report preparation, and payroll services. We focus on your financials so you can concentrate on bringing your vision to life. Our passion for empowering marginalized communities, combined with our expertise in financial management, positions Elysian Trust as a leading partner for incubators and accelerators worldwide.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of organizations that help to facilitate positive change. These are just a few of the recent projects that we’re proud to call our own.