Supporting Innovation. Fostering Genius.

Making dreams a reality.

Elysian Trust provides community and business incubator services to marginalized communities. 

By assisting individuals who learn and think differently and doing so in tangible ways, ElysianTrust helps others
to realize their full potential.

Since 2017 we have championed the needs of the neurodiverse, raising over 25 million dollars in funding for innovations and philanthropic endeavors.

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About Us

By aiding exceptional people from all over the world, and doing so in tangible ways, Elysian Trust helps others realize their potential.

Our Vision is to foster extraordinary adults with unusual cognitive abilities, regardless of the culture or country from which they come.  

Our Mission is to champion the neurodiverse community, as well as other organizations that support them. 

Incubator Services 

Gifted, creative and twice exceptional adults are often an untapped resource – one that society should utilize but commonly does not. 

By supporting innovations from this exceptional community, we believe they will pay it forward and build up their communities from within. 

Since 2017, Elysian Trust has raised over 25 million dollars in support of innovations and philanthropic endeavors. 

Member Societies

One of the vital ways we sustain ourselves is through community.

Elysian Trust’s six membership communities provide a safe haven for the neurodiverse individuals we serve. 

Each focusing on supporting those with unusual cognitive abilities in the highest range for which psychometrics says we can reliably test, members support each other via a vibrant exchange of ideas, mentorship and friends.

Join Our Community

When you have a one-in-a-million mind, how do you find peers?  Elysian Trusts’s member societies provide a safe space where you won’t face the usual pushback for being different. If you are a gifted, creative, or twice exceptional adult, your voice is welcome here.


 Over the years, we’ve had the priviledge of working with a number of organizations that help facilitate positive change. These are just a few of our recent projects that we’re proud to call our own. 

Elysian Trust’s grant writing team identified and established a partnership with Arizona State University to assist and monitor the development of an artificial intelligence software to utilize in finding missing people. They secured grant money from a NYC foundation and provided a business plan to the UN Human Trafficking (HT) council for the FMG’s involvement in the top twelve countries overrun with this problem. We are where we are today in part by Elysian Trust’s dedication and desire to help people, which is characteristic of the team’s nature.

Kelly Snyder

Founder and CEO of Find Me Group

Elysian Trust were absolute godsends during a particularly difficult time in my business. They single-handedly researched grants I qualified for, interviewed me, drafted the grant answers, and then crafted a heartfelt video. There is minimal involvement from me – I can focus on the day-to-day of the business, while they hustle in the background to get the company additional funding. We’ve worked with them for a month so far, and I recommend them unreservedly.

Caroline Casselli

Founder and CEO Haven Connect, Inc

Elysian Trust collaborated in 2020 with our company in the area of fundraising and development by conducting a very successful and accurate grant opportunities research and mapping for CORRAL. They voluntarily supported our organization in expanding our grants pipeline with over 15 grant opportunities that contributed to diversifying our fundraising sources and provided opportunities for us to apply to approximately $250,000 of additional funding.

Nevra Toledo Osario

Director of Operations for CORRAL Riding.