Elysian Trust

Incubating Geniuses and Genius Projects

Elysian Trust’s chief mission is to find and foster extraordinary individuals with unusual cognitive abilities, regardless of the culture or country from which they come, and especially those from marginalized populations. Our secondary mission is to support the neurodivergent community at large, especially those affected by poverty and a lack of resources, as well as assist other organizations that help those who target our demographics.

Simply put, we support geniuses and genius projects

The gifted and talented in any community are an otherwise untapped resource – one that struggling communities, in particular, can and should utilize but commonly don’t. By Elysian Trust focusing on these exceptional individuals, we expect that they will be able to, in return, pay it forward and build up their communities from within. Elysian Trust aims to be their one-stop support and resource center for reaching whatever their dreams may be for themselves and their community.