Supporting Innovation. Fostering Genius.

If opportunity does not knock, build a door.

About Us

Elysian Trust helps others realize their potential and most importantly, help them to channel their unique abilities for the betterment of humankind.  

Our Vision is to foster extraordinary individuals with unusual cognitive abilities, regardless of the culture or country from which they come. Our Mission is to support the neurodivergent community at large, as well as other organizations that help those with abilities and disabilities alike to reach their full potential.

Services and Programs

The Gifted and Talented in many communities are an otherwise untapped resource – one that struggling communities, should utilize but commonly don’t.

By aiding exceptional people from all over the world to fulfill their dreams, they, in return, will pay it forward and build up their communities from within. 

Elysian Trust supports their endeavors with incubating services, fundraising programs and marketing support. 

Member Societies

One of the vital ways we sustain ourselves is through community.

Elysian Trust’s six membership communities provide a safe haven for the neuro diverse individual we serve. 

Each focusing on supporting those with unusual cognitive abilities in the highest range for which psychometrics says we can reliably test, members support each other via a vibrand exchange of ideas, mentorship and friends.