Hard Problems Club

Fostering cognitive talents

Hard Problems Club was founded on June 21, 2012.  It is the second oldest of Elysian Trust’s sister societies.  Hard Problems is the equivalent of a “book club” for people who want to discuss and solve hard problems instead. It can also be thought of as a virtual community with occasional physical meet-ups for people who would prefer applying their minds to solving uncommonly hard issues pooled from countless sources from the real-world, including from each other.  Effectively, this is an inherent think-tank with the primary focus on collaborative fun.  One particularly appealing aspect is that members have mutual resources that enable them to tackle problems in a concerted effort, or alone.

The Club’s objectives are to encourage its members to seek, share, and discuss real-world puzzles–big or small, then work to solve them. Most of the problems addressed and hopefully resolved through collaboration are done merely for fun. However, some of the problems are solved for pay either through Hard Problems Club proper, or our consulting service Hard Problems Consulting. As with all other societies under the Elysian Trust, civility is a requirement for remaining a member of the group, and participation is expected if you choose to join.

The idea is to work towards solving the difficult problems the world is facing today to improve the situation of humanity, fueled either by philanthropic or profitable motivations.  We are looking for individuals who are willing to conquer the simple problems in life, such as getting along and focus on the hard problems that remain.

Hard Problems Consulting
Hard Problems Consulting (HPC) is a for-profit generalist think-tank marketed as a resource for other companies to use to solve a particularly sticky part of a bigger task they are working on, that has not been solved by specialist thinking.  It heavily recruits “superstar” problem-solvers from Hard Problems Club.  Recently, HPC has found a niche as a go-to support team for members in Elysian Trust who wish to enter competitions like the TD Ameritrade IQ challenge and MIT Solve.

Admissions & Membership
Unlike every other society under Elysian Trust, there is no test to submit to join Hard Problems Club.  Participation in the group is the test.  If you are interested in joining Hard Problems Club, please email Elysian Trust’s membership officer at membership@elysiantrust.org