Hard Problems Club

Fostering diverse cognitive talents

Elysian Trust founded Hard Problems Club on June 21, 2012, making it the second oldest of Elysian Trust’s sister societies. Hard Problems Club is the equivalent of a “book club” for people who want to discuss and solve hard problems instead. One can also think of it as a virtual community with occasional physical meet-ups for people who would prefer applying their minds to solving uncommonly hard issues pooled from countless sources from the real-world, including from each other. Effectively, this is an inherent think-tank with the primary focus on collaborative fun. One particularly appealing aspect is that members have mutual resources that enable them to tackle problems in a concerted effort, or alone.

Aside from having fun brainstorming, members in Hard Problems Club sometimes problem-solve for pay, either through competitions that Hard Problems Club enters on behalf of Elysian Trust or through our consulting service, Hard Problems Consulting. Hard Problems Club requires members to be civil in group discussions, and members must agree to participate at least once every 12 months (and hopefully more than that). We do not need people who are only on our membership roster and do nothing else that is helpful.

Hard Problems Consulting
Hard Problems Consulting
(HPC) is a for-profit generalist think-tank marketed as a resource for other companies to use to solve a particularly sticky part of a bigger task they are working on, that specialist thinking could not resolve.  Hard Problem Club’s talent scouting platform liberates genius thinkers who are otherwise misplaced. By recruiting problem-solvers from around the world who showcase either tenacity at solving hard-to-untangle problems, a genius for nexialist thinking, or both, HPC has created the world’s first genuinely intersectional think-tank. Recently, HPC has found a niche in aiding clients in three different ways:

  • HPC specializes in resolving internal communication challenges and external communication projects. Drawing on our background in neurodiversity, HPC helps organizations translate concepts from one kind of mind to another, without losing any quality of understanding. HPC consultants are familiar with a wide variety of styles of thinking. They can pick up on the ideas that a person is trying to convey to other people and departments within their network, or organizations are trying to convey to their target audiences markets. HPC can then help clients develop and execute any strategy that a client wishes to actualize.
    For those who know the basics of brain functions and prefer analogies, HPC often operates as a “corpus callosum trust” within brain trusts.
    In terms of product, HPC has also launched numerous digital marketing campaigns for clients that include Mushrooms SA and Hudson Group.
  • HPC Helps Incubate Genius Projects. HPC can operate as a built-in go-to support team for members in Elysian Trust who wish to enter competitions like the TD Ameritrade IQ challenge and MIT Solve, as two real-life examples. Many of Elysian Trust members enter and win business pitch competitions, apply for research grants, or need assistance with applications that result in funding through competition. HPC can help them from research to reward and on a commission-based model. This model ensures that any member can afford us, regardless of their socioeconomic status.
  • HPC Solves Novel Problems through Analogical Thinking. HPC consultants have a breadth of general knowledge, but it goes beyond mere trivia. HPC specializes in solving a problem that defies expertise because of its novel qualities. By finding key correlations between otherwise unconnected fields, HPC has been able to find solutions to evasive problems in a wide variety of fields, from assisting with molecular modeling for cancer research for JoanCaron Cancer Research Center, to assisting numerous nonprofits with their rebranding efforts.

Admissions & Membership
Unlike Elysian Trust’s other societies, there is no test to submit to join Hard Problems Club.  Participation in the group is the test. Those who truly stand out are invited to work for our proprietary think-tank, Hard Problems Consulting.

If you are interested in joining Hard Problems Club, please email Elysian Trust’s membership officer at membership at elysiantrust dot org. Be sure to mention it is Hard Problems Club you want to join, that you understand Hard Problems Club requires civility, that you will be civil, and that you will participate in the group. People who do not participate within a 12-month period may be removed without notice.