Fundraising Consulting Services

Elysian provides grant funding services to for-profit and nonprofit organizations interested in pursuing grant funding for their innovation. By working collaboratively with your business, Elysian’s grant writing team helps to guide your organization through the complex and often daunting grant application process. We are proud of our system yielding $52 million in grants and contracts for our clients thus far. 

From researching and identifying opportunities, data collection, drafting your application, and submission, Elysian is your all-in partner in:

  • Grant and Fundraising Mastery – At Elysian Trust, we empower for-profit and non-profit organizations to unlock grant funding for their innovative endeavors. Our experienced grant writing team is dedicated to navigating the intricate grant application process with you. From identifying suitable opportunities to data collection, application drafting, and submission, Elysian stands as your unwavering partner.
  • Grants Search – Harness our expertise to discover the perfect funding opportunities for your organization. If you’re familiar with the grant-writing process but need help pinpointing the right grants, Elysian is your strategic partner.
  • Grant Editor – Have a grant proposal already crafted? Elysian’s team of accomplished professionals can provide expert reviews and editing to elevate your application to new heights.
  • Grants Plus – Need immediate support? Elysian’s expedited Grants Plus program, conducted over three months, is designed for organizations seeking swift assistance in securing grant funding.
  • Annual Grant Writing Service – Our comprehensive year-long grant writing service offers advantages beyond shorter-term options. From devising a robust fundraising strategy to identifying foundations, crafting compelling narratives, researching fiscal sponsorships, and managing proposal development and submission, Elysian provides thorough end-to-end support.
  • Application Review & Analysis – For organizations requiring specialist input, Elysian offers a dedicated grant writer to review your submission and provide valuable insights and consultation.
  • Program Evaluation – With registered affiliation to the American Evaluation Association, Elysian performs program evaluations to answer crucial questions about your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. This service is particularly useful when funding bodies require post-application reports.
  • Corporate Sponsorships – Our sponsorship brokers work diligently to identify, match, and secure corporate sponsors for your organization, leveraging the mutual benefits of corporate-nonprofit partnerships for reputational enhancement and financial support.

Adding to these offerings, Elysian Trust is proud to introduce two novel programs:

  • Grant Writing Intern Program – True to our mission of empowering neurodivergent talent, this paid internship seeks individuals from the communities we serve and trains them to become proficient grant specialists. By equipping community members with comprehensive skills in grant cycle management, we foster long-term sustainability, independence, and growth.
  • Program Evaluator Intern Program – Much like our Grant Writing Intern Program, this initiative targets the nurturing of talent within the communities we work with, but with a focus on program evaluation. The training offered equips individuals to assess program effectiveness efficiently, offering another avenue for communities to achieve their goals independently.

With Elysian Trust, you’re not just gaining a service provider, but a partner devoted to your success and the long-term prosperity of the communities you serve.