About Us

At Elysian, we champion the dreams of our members and provide business support services to the neurodiverse community.  By aiding exceptional people from all over the world, and doing so in tangible ways, Elysian Trust helps others realize their potential and channel their abilities in ways that can benefit humankind.

Who We Are

Elysian Trust is a trailblazing social enterprise, dedicated to spotlighting and harnessing the untapped potential within neurodivergent and gifted communities. Our belief is steadfast: everyone has a unique talent, an inherent strength that often remains unexplored due to societal biases. Our goal is to uncover and nurture these cognitive gifts within various communities, understanding that they form the foundation of tomorrow’s innovations, ground-breaking research, and compelling works of art.

Every person we support is a potential beacon for their community, empowered to pave the way for progress and positive transformation. Our members are gifted, entrepreneurial, and motivated. They are inventors, thought-leaders, humanitarians, and artists who, with the right guidance and resources, have the potential to shape the world in remarkable ways. At Elysian Trust, we consider ourselves the launchpad for such transformative journeys, accelerating and supporting our members to manifest their potential fully.


What We Do

Our mission revolves around overcoming the hurdles that the gifted and neurodivergent community face, particularly those hailing from underserved communities. Elysian Trust extends a comprehensive range of services and strategic partnerships to cater to our members’ academic, social, financial, professional, and personal needs.

Our work extends far beyond traditional business incubation. We see ourselves as incubators of human potential. We nurture the entrepreneur and their startup, the artist and their art, the humanitarian and their vision, and the inventor along with their invention. In doing so, we foster a vibrant ecosystem of gifted individuals capable of inspiring change and driving progress in their communities and beyond.


Our History

Our journey began in January 2012 with Volant, an online community for individuals with high IQs. It was through Volant that we uncovered two crucial insights: an astounding correlation between high IQ and neurodivergence, and the realization that IQ alone does not encapsulate the breadth and diversity of human cognitive abilities.

These insights inspired the birth of an array of focused sister groups in 2013, each dedicated to different cognitive abilities, from intuition and critical thinking to emotional and creative intelligence. By 2015, we united these groups under the umbrella of Elysian Trust. Two years later, we solidified our commitment to the neurodiverse community by incorporating a non-profit agency, Elysian Trusted Foundation, alongside a for-profit entity, Empyrean Trusted Foundation.

In 2022, a pivotal merger resulted in the creation of the social enterprise, Elysian X Inc., though we continue to operate under the familiar moniker, Elysian Trust. This restructuring has led to an acceleration in our success stories, both in terms of quantifiable impact and qualitative transformation. We’re excited about the journey ahead and the opportunity to continue championing the neurodiverse and gifted communities.