Our Team

Supporting Innovation. Fostering Genius.

At Elysian, we champion the dreams of our members and provide business support services to the neurodiverse community.  By aiding exceptional people from all over the world, and doing so in tangible ways, Elysian Trust helps others realize their potential and channel their abilities in ways that can benefit humankind.

Nathan “Nth” Bar-Fields – Founder 

As dream director, I work to do for the many kids and adults with atypical minds and difficult circumstances what a teacher did for me. 

Our Mission is to champion the neurodiverse community, as well as other organizations that support them. 

Our Vision is to foster extraordinary adults with unusual cognitive abilities, regardless of the culture or country from which they come.

Our purpose is to identify the talent in people that may be mistaken for weaknesses or overlooked entirely for other reasons and help them use their talents to achieve their dreams and goals.

We don’t see problems, we see trade-offs, and with the right guidance and a little ingenuity,  Elysian members work to maximize humanity’s greatest resource: ourselves.


Maria Holt – Operations

I spent nearly 20 years in real estate finance, starting with Affordable Housing. Helping many people to accomplish their goal of home ownership, who might otherwise have remained excluded from this financial benefit, gave me the desire to serve the needs of marginalized communities in other areas. After a break to care for several terminally ill relatives, I returned to work, where I divide my time between supporting Elysian as the organization rises to meet the needs of many deserving clients and a non-profit “We Help the Unhoused” recently started with a partner, who is an advocate and spokesperson for the Unhoused in Los Angeles and across the United States.