Development Services

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Whether it’s day-to-day fundraising, a special event, an annual appeal, or a capital campaign, long-term planning and relationship development are essential components of a successful campaign. Elysian will help you fine-tune the tools that increase your organization’s capacity.

Fundraising Plans – a road map that describes your fundraising goals and the strategies you’ll use to reach them. It includes key dates, campaigns, events, and fundraising activities, along with goals and roles for fundraisers.

Individual Giving Programs – Individual fundraising is the backbone of all development organizations that exist today.

People give more money when you build a relationship with them.  Nowhere is this more evident than in major donor giving.  Work to build relationships with your donors and with your prospects.  Visit them.  Keep them updated and involved.  Show them you appreciate them. Give them opportunities to share their gift or time (volunteer). Speak directly to your donors and funders, not at them. Ensure your mission takes center stage.

Special Events and Fundraising Tactics – Many charitable causes rely on special events such as dinners, auctions, conferences, or gala events to help raise awareness for their organization. Special events can be designed for a multitude of reasons including connecting volunteers to the cause, revenue generation, cultivation activities, brand enhancement, and more.  Whatever your event marketing needs, the Elysian team of experts boasts over 60 years of successful event planning and management.  

Capital Campaigns – A capital campaign is an intensive fundraising effort organized to meet a specific financial goal within a set time frame. Often deployed to raise money for the construction of a facility or equipment purchase capital campaigns can be a long and complicated process that requires a great deal of advance planning and assessment. When it comes to Capital Campaigns, Elysian is there offering professional expertise, project management services, and mentorship – whatever you need to get the job done.

Major Gifts and Endowments –
It cannot be stressed enough that fundraising is a process and this is most evident in the area of major gifts.  To be successful the fundraising team must focus its efforts on five specific disciplines:

Research and Evaluation





With each step requiring finesse and discipline, an outside resource provides invaluable insight and support, Elysian is that resource, guiding your process, assisting with the research counseling you on cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.