Marketing and Communications Services

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Public relations precede development.  All too often organizations apply for grant funding before they are ready, resulting in missed opportunities and disillusioned funders. With only one chance to make a good first impression, Elysian is happy to review your online footprint and infrastructure and provide the necessary recommendations to ensure your success.  from brand management, communications, design, and PR, Elysian is there to support you every step of the way.

Research Services –   

The Audit:  Assessing the marketing environment of a business, including current strategies, the competitive array, target market, brand strategies, communication strategies, product packaging, and promotions, the Audit is an essential first step to preparing your business for success.

Conducted either virtually or in person, The Audit helps to ensure a full understanding of the opportunities and obstacles that may impact your brand as well as your organization’s ability to sustain customer and funder scrutiny.

Research: Market research is the best way to understand the factors that influence your business, elevate your performance, identify consumer interest and increase customer satisfaction. With over 40 years of experience in brand research, consumer insights, and competitive analysis, Elysian’s research team offers a variety of solutions ideally suited to your research needs.

With two types of market research available to our clients – the primary (perceptual research and focus groups) and secondary research (published data referenced for situational analysis) –having thorough knowledge about the needs, concerns, and preferences of your customers are essential. Time frame and fees vary per project.

Strategic Planning – Elysian excels at the creation of a comprehensive marketing strategy targeted directly to the specific needs of your organization. Whether a long-term plan to help guide the future of your business or a quick-start strategy to address immediate needs, Elysian will develop and manage a highly detailed, actionable plan, including product positioning and action steps so you can achieve results, revenue, and profitability. 

Brand Management – Brands presented in a clear, target customer-focused manner are ones that thrive. Elysian can help you define your brand and create your brand’s unique voice that will cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace.

Whether we are assisting you with defining and developing your brand’s DNA, target marketing, positioning, or values, Elysian will help you to craft impactful messaging, content, and design. Services are offered on an annual basis.

Public Relations – A well-planned public relations strategy assists brands in developing interest from the media in addition to helping organize the many stories your business shares with various constituencies. Every business has a unique story to tell. Elysian will work collaboratively with you to tell your story through the development of an annual PR plan.  Add-on services include corporate relations, media relations, and crisis management. Services are offered on an annual basis.

Communications Consultation – In an era in which your customers expect you to have a relationship with them, messaging matters. Elysian works collaboratively to ensure your strategy is on target, your messaging resonates, and that it is distributed in such a way that you can take full advantage of the relationships you build with your constituents.   Services are offered on an annual basis.

Social Media – Social media eliminates the wall between the customer and the brand. It shortens the time in which a business must react to relevant stories, and it blurs the lines between marketing and public relations. With over three billion people interacting on social regularly, if you are not utilizing this incredibly powerful tool, you are missing out.   From simple page setups to conversation calendars and full-platform management, Elysian builds the right solutions for you. Services are offered on an annual basis.

Design – Design is one of the most visible aspects of brand consulting, aligning brand positioning with creative development. From names to logos, websites, and collaterals, Elysian will offer insights and practical suggestions to enhance all company communications, marketing messages, and brand voice. Time frame and fees vary per project.