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Elysian prides itself on finding the very best solution for our members and clients. 

Since 2017, we have raised over 30 million dollars in support of a wide range of innovations. Whatever your funding needs, our proven approach – delivered by our experienced team – helps you to achieve the funding success your innovation deserves.  Partner with us to ensure your access to grant funding for your business. 

Grants Plus — Elysian can assist you in securing the funding you deserve. By working collaboratively with your business, Elysian’s grant writing team helps to guide your organization through the complex grant application process. From researching and identifying opportunities, data collection, drafting your application, grant editing, and submission, Elysian Trust is your all-in partner.

Designated Grant Writer — Many organizations do not require the full range of services featured in our Grants Plus program but require a specialist to draft the submission. If this is the case, Elysian is pleased to assign a dedicated grant writer to your project to craft your submission and offer insight and consultation along the way.

Grant Editor — Already have a grant proposal written and simply need an expert to review and edit it? Our team of accomplished professionals is here to help.

Grants Search — Familiar with the grant writing process but can’t find the right funding opportunities? Partner with Elysian and we’ll help you identify various options to get things rolling.

Grant Readiness — Considering applying for funding and not sure if you’re ready? Elysian is happy to review your online footprint and infrastructure and provide the necessary recommendations to ensure that you are grant-ready.

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Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of organizations that help to facilitate positive change. These are just a few of the recent projects that we’re proud to call our own.