Fundraising Service

Supporting Innovation. Fostering Genius.

Elysian provides grant funding services to for-profit and nonprofit organizations interested in pursuing grant funding for their innovation.  By working collaboratively with your business, Elysian’s grant writing team helps to guide your organization through the complex and often daunting grant application process. From researching and identifying opportunities, data collection, drafting your application, and submission, Elysian is your all-in partner.  

Grants Search – Familiar with the grant writing process but can’t find the right funding opportunities. Partner with Elysian and we’ll help you identify various options to get things rolling.  

Grant Editor – Already have a grant proposal written and simply need an expert to review and edit it. Our team of accomplished professionals is here to help. 

Grants Plus – An expedited program conducted over a four-month period, Elysian’s Grants Plus program is well suited to organizations needing immediate support. 

Annual Grant Writing Service  –  Offered over a 12-month term, Elysian’s Annual Grant Writing Service provides benefits over and above shorter-term options including a fundraising strategy, foundation research & identification, case for support and letter of inquiry, narratives and angles, research on fiscal sponsorships, grant proposal development, submission, and online applications and follow-through. 

Application Review & Analysis – Many organizations do not require the full range of services featured in our grants programs but they do require a specialist to review their submission. If this is the case, Elysian is pleased to assign a dedicated grant writer to your project to craft a review of your submission and offer insight and consultation along the way.

Program Evaluation –
Program evaluation provides answers to the critical questions that your board, staff, volunteers, funders, and supporters may have about your organization and its work. When an applicant wins funding for a program, the funder may require a post-application report on the efficiency and effectiveness of outcomes.  Registered with the American Evaluation Association, Elysian performs this service for our clients. If your programmatic grant needs a program evaluation team, we can provide the service.  Fees vary and are based on a percentage of the overall award.

Corporate Sponsorships – Corporate sponsorships attract businesses because sponsorships offer public recognition to an organization via a connection with a dedicated program or cause. When aligned with an NPO, corporate sponsorships can be especially lucrative as they can bolster the company’s reputation because of the “brand halo effect” of the nonprofit’s goodwill. Charitable nonprofits, in turn, receive financial support and may also experience increased attention from the media and the public because of their affiliation. 

Elysian’s sponsorship brokers work to find, match, and secure corporate sponsors for your organization.  Fees for corporate sponsorships are determined on a case-by-case basis and include a retainer plus a percentage of monies secured.