ET Jobs

Fostering diverse cognitive talents

ET Jobs Elysian Trust’s job-placement service, ET Jobs, operates as a web-based employment agency focusing on the recruitment of job seekers with high-range cognitive abilities looking for remote (telecommute) work in either a traditional, subcontracting, sweat equity, or job-share format.

Further reflecting Elysian Trust’s mission, we also promote the advantages of hiring neurodivergent jobseekers and also how to best work with them. There are currently IT companies that exclusively hire coders with autism because many of them display uncanny adeptness at programming, and there are marketing companies seeking employees with dyslexia because so many of them have unmatched creativity. Traits like these and others that were once seen as disadvantages are turning into secret weapons for companies that desire an edge in an ever-competitive landscape.

Because Elysian Trust works with both the gifted, the neurodivergent, and those who are both, we are happy to consult with companies that are interested in tailoring a job that garners tangible advantages from hiring highly skilled neurodivergent workers. Alternatively, ET Jobs provides companies with the opportunity to experience the advantage of having someone with a verifiable cognitive ability in the upper 99.9 th percentile on your team.

Our Services
Staffing: Our temporary staffing and direct hire placement services focus on remote work, and our people all score in the upper 99.9 th percentile of at least one type of cognitive ability. Of course, we do not limit our job matching to test scores. We also assess for personality, education, specialized knowledge, work requirements, and experience to ensure companies that work with us get the best workers for their opening positions. Although ET Jobs is a new program, we have already successfully matched 14 members with companies seeking top talent.

Our burgeoning brand suggests that employers immediately value having an ET Jobs hire because of our members’ demonstrate the ability to rapidly learn and adapt to changes or surprises.

Job-shares: Elysian Trust has been creating remote job-share teams that replace the jobs originally intended for one person since 2017. Companies often never consider a job-share for a position, but if formed and executed correctly, both employer and employees can reap benefits that otherwise elude both parties.
1. Employers keep valued employees who might otherwise quit to pursue work-balance family issues.
2. Employers who hire a job-share through ET Jobs essentially also hire their own personal think- tank that is built into the service.
3. Because a job-share employer is hiring two or three part-time employees instead of one full- time employee, a company can save on paying for medical, dental, and other benefits.
4. When scheduled correctly, a company can have around-the-clock employees for no more cost of one full-time employee.
5. Those who make up a job-share must work well together. In the case of ET Jobs, most of our members have been longtime acquaintances and have worked on other projects together in the past, so team erosion is never a concern for employers, as we vet and create the team for you.

Subcontracting: Unforeseen problems may arise in your work, and you cannot fulfill your contract with an employer on your own. ET Jobs can find the best temp work-seekers from our members that have the skill-set, education, and expertise to successfully help you complete your milestones on time and expertly. Our members have a wide array of areas of expertise: from creative writing to coding, to theoretical physics, and beyond. However, what they all have in common are demonstrable high-range cognitive skills to go with their professional backgrounds. That translates to an easier and faster time onboarding a subcontractor for ET Jobs.

Sweat Equity Workers: Startups and other companies that need labor but lack funds can contact us and inquire about our jobseekers who are willing to work for an equity stake in the company that hires them. Many of these workers are our members who are either gifted younger adults from underserved backgrounds (e.g., mothers, racial minorities, veterans, people from low-income families, or rural populations…) or gifted retirees with years of experience in their field and a desire to stay a little busy. In the case of the former, the arrangement can open a startup to more grant opportunities than for which they would otherwise be qualify. Additionally, the sweat equity workers gain opportunities to create the beginning of generational wealth for groups that never before had it. In the case of the latter, startups can get access to a consultant without doling substantial capital.