Calling All Neurodivergent Individuals with Autoimmune Conditions!


Elysian Trust needs YOUR help to improve health management for neurodivergent individuals with rare autoimmune diseases. In this case, “neurodivergent” includes twice-exceptional and gifted individuals. We’re conducting a survey to gather insights and experiences that will shape our upcoming research project using an AI-driven health management platform.

The survey does not collect personal information like your name or race. Other than the email you use (and you can use a fake one if you are super-duper suspicious), you are anonymous.

What We Want to Know:

  • Your autoimmune condition(s)
  • Your current use of health management apps
  • Features you find most useful in these apps
  • Your interest in participating in a groundbreaking study
Calling All Neurodivergent Individuals with Autoimmune Conditions!

Your participation will help us design tools and resources tailored to your unique
neurodivergent needs, improving health outcomes and quality of life for many like you.

Take the Survey Now:

Thank you for your valuable input! Together, we can make a difference.

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