Business Accelerator and Incubator Services

Igniting Innovation, Nurturing Diversity, Unleashing Potential.

At Elysian Trust, our core mission is to empower extraordinary people and projects by helping them realize their potential and bring their visionary ideas to life. In line with our mission, we are excited to extend our support services to business incubators and accelerators.

We understand that the challenges of startups, especially those run by entrepreneurs from marginalized communities and those engaged in the gifted sectors like STEM industries, are multi-faceted. Therefore, we’ve designed our services to help incubators and accelerators amplify the potential of their promising startups, particularly those founded by women, BIPOC, veterans, LGBTQ+, individuals from rural America, and those in the gifted community and neurodiverse spheres.

Elysian offers:


  • Business Consulting Services – At Elysian Trust, we recognize the value of comprehensive support in shaping successful startups. Hence, our business consulting services cater to a wide array of your needs. We offer strategic project management, ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency. We provide specialized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting to nurture an inclusive, innovative workspace. Our general strategy consulting service assists in clarifying your startup’s mission, setting achievable goals, and devising strategies for enduring success. Furthermore, we believe in leveraging the power of human talent. We offer services to help identify, nurture, and utilize the unique abilities within your team, driving the growth and success of your startup. Our overarching goal is to serve as a comprehensive support system for your enterprise’s evolution.”

  • Proposal Writing for Grants and Government Contracts – Through our exceptional proposal writing attachment service, we aim to secure grants and contracts to increase the success rate and growth of startups. Elysian Trust’s expertise in this field positions your startups to tap into funding opportunities provided by government agencies and private institutions. With our assistance, you not only safeguard your investment but also empower startups to contribute positively to society. We take pride in our track record of securing over $44 million in funding and are passionate about helping more companies make a transformative impact.

  • Support for Bookkeeping and Accounting – Ensuring financial health is critical to the success of any startup. Our remote support services extend to bookkeeping and accounting, assisting startups with financial planning, tax preparation, balance sheet management, and cash flow monitoring. With our professional support, startups can stay focused on their core business operations while we take care of their financial intricacies.

  • Support for Marketing and PR – We provide remote support for marketing and public relations, crucial elements that ensure your startup’s visibility and brand recognition. Our team of marketing and PR specialists will assist in developing effective marketing strategies, implementing SEO techniques, managing social media platforms, and crafting compelling public relations content. Our goal is to help your startup garner maximum attention and recognition in the market.


With Elysian Trust as your partner, we assure you that your incubator or accelerator’s startups are well-equipped with the tools and support they need to thrive. Together, we can create a powerful impact and drive transformative changes in our world.