Board of Directors

Igniting Innovation, Nurturing Diversity, Unleashing Potential.

Nathaniel “Nth” Bar-Fields – Founder and CVO

As the Founder and CVO of Elysian Trust, my journey has been one of transformation: from acknowledging and nurturing my own unique cognitive abilities to championing the abilities of others. After an early diagnosis of dyslexia, I moved beyond educational challenges and leveraged my dyslexia as a strength in lateral thinking. This mindset propelled me through a varied career that includes nuclear engineering technologist in the Navy, data analyst, program evaluator, and acceptance into renowned institutions like UC Berkeley and MIT.

After successfully leading Elysian’s Grants Team, I assumed my current role as CVO with a specialized focus on Business Incubator Strategy and Support Services. In this position, I advocate not just for entrepreneurs with atypical minds, but also for the incubators that help transform their game-changing ideas into thriving startups.

Maria Holt

Maria Holt – Chief Operating Officer

With nearly two decades of experience in real estate finance, I began my career in Affordable Housing, aiding individuals who may otherwise have been denied the financial benefits of home ownership. This work ignited my passion for serving underserved communities beyond just housing.

After taking a break to care for terminally ill family members, I returned to work, now dedicating my efforts to support Elysian and its mission to address the needs of deserving clients. Additionally, I co-founded a non-profit, “We Help the Unhoused,” alongside a partner who advocates for unhoused individuals in Los Angeles and across the United States. This work aligns with my dedication to addressing the needs and uplift marginalized communities.

Nathaniel “Trey” Richardson III – Chief Financial Officer

Trey graduated summa cum laude in accounting and financial math from the University of Alabama, and once we began working with him, it showed. We have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Richardson in action, organizing and preparing clients’ financial records in record time, under stressful situations, and set them up to successfully secure multimillion-dollar investments.

He has an extensive track record in helping minority-owned and women-owned businesses remain in the black or engineer new financial strategies to accommodate the special hurdles they may face along their entrepreneurial journey. It’s his track record in this area that piqued our interest—that and he is polymathic like many members in Elysian (outside of being a professional numbers whiz, he is also a musician, cowboy, and social entrepreneur)—that kept him on our radar. Trey instantly understood what Elysian’s mission and vision is about, and we instantly understood his value. His joining our team as our new Chief Financial Officer was a perfectly natural conclusion.

Mario Sarceno – Chief Marketing Officer

We are excited to introduce Mario Sarceno, our new Chief Marketing Officer. A skilled marketer specializing in paid ads, Mario has pivoted his expertise towards becoming an accomplished public relations strategist. His proficiency lies in crafting compelling narratives for entrepreneurs, magnifying their visibility and positioning them as industry leaders through strategic media exposure. His work encompasses securing valuable features and accolades across renowned media platforms and podcasts.

Mario’s dedication to excellence and his innovative strategies have helped businesses soar to new heights, earning him a formidable reputation within the industry. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2019, fueled by the belief that entrepreneurship is accessible to all, given the right mindset, commitment, and guidance.

As he steps into his role at Elysian, Mario brings with him an infectious enthusiasm to spotlight our clients’ laudable projects. Harnessing his skillset, he aims to amplify Elysian’s mission and bring deserved recognition to our clients’ transformative work. With Mario at the helm of our marketing strategies, we are poised for an exciting journey.

Chad Fish – Grants Team Lead Officer

Chad Fish, a valued member of the Elysian family since 2018, has been an exceptional contributor to our success, leading us to welcome him to our Board of Directors in his new role as Grants Team Lead Officer. Chad boasts a robust academic background with a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Utah, which uniquely positions him to guide our technical proposal writing.

Over the years, his adeptness at crafting successful proposals has been instrumental in securing over $30 million in government grants and contracts for STEM businesses. His transition from an advisory role to a director’s position signifies our confidence in his skills and his unwavering commitment to Elysian’s mission. As Grants Team Lead Officer, Chad will continue to provide invaluable support and guidance to our STEM clients seeking funding, while leading the grant team towards new heights of success.

Michael “Mike” Clavenna – Chief Auxiliary Officer

Joining Elysian Trust in 2014, Michael “Mike” Clavenna has proven to be an indispensable asset, bringing a wealth of knowledge and adaptability to his role as Chief Auxiliary Officer. A man of diverse experience and keen intellect, Mike has embraced a multifaceted role that sees him embodying the duties of a CIO, webmaster, systems administrator, advisor, writer, and editor. His ability to fill numerous roles stems from an illustrious academic journey where he delved into a broad range of subjects from mathematics to computer science, and from chemistry to medicine.

However, Mike’s true calling unveiled itself on Wall Street, in the heart of New York City’s financial district. During his tenure at Citigroup and other institutions, he contributed to the creation and testing of Citicorp Investment Services’ e-brokerage platform, all the while soaking in the dynamic energy of various trading floors. Today, Mike applies this diverse expertise and problem-solving acumen to Elysian Trust, upholding his belief that “Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle.” His broad talents and propensity for operating behind the scenes make him an invaluable contributor to the Elysian team.