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V & S Academic Consulting

Elysian Trust created the academic consulting service, V & S Academic Consulting, to help people and institutions work with the different aspects of neurodiversity and gifted education. V & S primarily pulls the collective brainpower from two of Elysian Trust’s membership societies, Volant and SOLAR.  Volant focuses on developing gifted and talented programs for schools that fit their budget and their demographics.  SOLAR focuses on program evaluation.  Both Volant and SOLAR work together to recommend how academic programs may improve. V & S also facilitates peripheral services that complement our core focus.  

Current Programs


Gifted, Talented, and Twice-Exceptional Program Development – V & S specializes in developing gifted programs that are tailored to the subtler issues a school or district may face with regard to their resources and the makeup of their student body population.  We can find the talent that a school or institution may not be capturing with its current tools and systems. We can also develop a program that nurtures a school’s gifted students, talented children, and their students who have a cognitive gift but also a learning disability.  The programs we design are led by multi-award winning and retired professor of gifted education, Dr. Joy Lawson Davis, and can deliver measurable and agreed-upon results with high impact.   

Program Evaluation – V & S has the capability and track-record to evaluate your educational, psychometric, or human services program. It does not matter if an organization wants to pinpoint how best to measure outputs and outcomes, or if they need to identify the reasons for current levels of performance and impact, V & S can design an evaluation to target what will optimize any client’s program.  

Our evaluators have extensive experience designing and implementing both process and outcome evaluations at various levels of analysis.  We can also help you determine the extent to which an evaluation of your project, program, portfolio, or organization is feasible or necessary.

The program evaluation support includes any combination of the following aspects of your upcoming or ongoing evaluation: regression, ANOVA, or logistic regression, but also such lesser-known methods as survival analysis, cluster analysis, factor analysis, principal component analysis, and multi-dimensional scaling.

Our program evaluation service is headed by Dr. Peter Flom, a statistical analysis consultant with a Ph.D. in psychometrics. 

Q & A – For a nominal fee, anyone can communicate with Volant, SOLAR, or its sister societies directly, to glean insight from the groups’ members and to have them answer any question(s) that an inquirer may have, concerning education, learning, or anything that one may want to know more about.  If someone or some agency is merely looking for brief, well-informed, quickly researched, synoptical analyses about a topic instead of assistance with an involved project, V & S’ Q & A service may be a good fit. Our Q & A program is more specialized than Quora but less involved than hiring a consultant.  

Test Development and Referral—V & S can design or refer a client to cognitive ability tests that tap into virtually any mental ability that a school, company, parent, or self-discoverer has an interest in identifying and assessing.  We work with numerous psychometricians and testing companies to direct clients to the test-battery that is right for their goals and budget, or if such a test battery doesn’t exist, we can develop it. Whether it is IQ, emotional intelligence, intuition capacity, critical thinking, a specific aptitude, career planning, or something else, V & S can help.

Joi Lin manages the test development and referral program. Joi is working on her Ed.D in gifted education leadership, and holds a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology and an undergraduate degree in mathematics and secondary education. Since 2015, she has served as a proctor, testing coordinator, and gifted youth coordinator for Denver Mensa.


Tutoring—V & S has its own tutoring service for specific topics, such as a foreign language or math subjects. We also have a partnership with the testing tutoring service VanaEd, which has a method to both improve test scores for college admission and employ improved study skills in those who go through their program. Consequently, once admitted into their program of choice, VanaEd students graduate from their school programs with competence, which is often absent in many other test-tutoring services that only teach their clients how to pass the test.

Flora Ichio Huang manages V & S’s subject-specific tutoring service.  Outside of her work as a nonprofit worker, she worked as a public school teacher who educated students at all levels of capacity. She crafted innovative curricula to help students who learn differently master concepts that would otherwise elude them. Flora also worked on New York City’s government-initiated Academic Intervention Services Team.  

Regan Calder is the founder of VanaEd.  He is himself a perfect scorer on the MCAT and one of VanaEd’s tutors. His company has a plethora of successful case studies from which to pull and can be found on VanaEd’s website.