Outreach Services

Fostering diverse cognitive talents

Elysian Trust is actively involved in building awareness of the realities and challenges faced by people who are variously gifted. One of the biggest challenges in being unusual or “gifted” or being responsible for someone like this, is simple isolation. The following outreach services are methods used by the Trust to help in any way we can.

  1. Working with underserved and marginalized communities and populations to identify the cognitive gifts and talents in their citizens/residents and working with them to best utilize them for overall community development.
  2. Tailored talent scouting and talent management services to communities, businesses, and organizations looking to capitalize on local talent.
  3. A service that other organizations may hire to secure funding for their programs or better utilize their neurodivergent talent.
  4. A free and accessible information resource to the general public about the various aspects of neurodiversity in the community.
  5. Assistance with establishing gifted and twice-exceptional programs and scholarships for neuroatypical students in brick-and-mortar, online, and home schools.
  6. An online testing service that can inform you of what your personal cognitive gifts, talents, trade-offs, and styles may be, and how to enhance them.