Member Services

Fostering diverse cognitive talents

Elysian Trust is as dedicated to its beneficiary members as it is to those it reaches out to help. The organization maintains a vibrant online community for its many members, and offers the following services:

  1. A true online community that includes an online discussion forum, social events planning, consulting opportunities, focus groups, and real-life gatherings for members to meet and interact with others with cognitive gifts like theirs, and to meet and interact with those with cognitive skill sets unlike theirs.
  2. Grants and grant-writing service for members who are students, artists, writers, inventors, and/or entrepreneurs.
  3. Mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities.
  4. Job placement service.
In Development
  1. Tuition assistance—this includes grants, loans, income-sharing agreements, and scholarships.
  2.  Marketing, copyright, and patenting service for the inventions, books, and other intellectual works, that beneficiary members produce.
  3. Dating service for the neurodivergent.