Trishula is Elysian Trust’s society dedicated to fostering those who demonstrate an uncannily high ability in the area of intuition. Its members are called Trishulans.  Since intuition has multiple definitions, Trishula focuses on the three most commonly known:

  • The domain-specific kind that Dr. Robin M Hogarth writes about in Educating Intuitionwhere it always needs a modifier, like “cop’s intuition,” or “mother’s intuition,” and comes from a lot of exposure and experience?
  • The kind that is a general type of nonlinear intelligence capable of seeing connections, patterns, and relationships in seemingly random, chaotic, and unrelated things like what the late intuition researcher Dr. Daniel Cappon worked on testing for?
  • The kind of psychic ability that parapsychologists like Daryl Bem test for?

Trishula refers to them as Type I, Type II, and Type III intuition, respectively. Regardless of the type, Trishulans come from all walks of life, but there are noticeably more artists, musicians, nurses, and other “right-brained” types in Trishula than in any of the other societies, except perhaps Interrobang. In sharp contrast to high IQ societies, women currently outnumber men in Trishula.

It should come as no surprise that quite a few highly intuitive people consider themselves to be psychic, and that is true of many members in Trishula, but not all. The organization itself has no official stance on psychic phenomena. Aside from being a support group for a section of humanity that greatly needs it, Trishula is also a matchmaking site for researchers of intuition and psychic phenomena with those who do very well on standardized intuition tests, and companies interested in hiring such intuitionists. Both services are offered through Trishula’s think-tank Tri-Force.



As with the majority of Elysian Trust’s societies, Trishula has its own think-tank attached to it, Tri-Force.  As Dr. Paul Wong mentions,”Often intuition is the deciding factor between failure and success.”  Tri-Force serves as a high-range vehicle for that factor that clients can utilize. It is a low-profit organization that offers intuitive services to deserving charities, causes, and startups that otherwise cannot afford professional consulting of any kind.

Some of these services include: Minimizing uncertainty in making decisions, intuitive forecasting; identifying best candidates in high stake and investment scenarios; identifying best course of actions among limited options; screening of job candidates; aid in negotiations, and prevent critical “soft” leaks in communication; Body language reading in negotiations; identify weak spots that logical reasoning might miss; intuitively “backtrack” to grasp what led to a present matter.

It also provides “star” test subjects to academic institutions and researchers pursuing promising avenues in the area of intuition or psychic research & development, though this is on a volunteer basis of Tri-Force members.

A present example of Tri-Force’s work would be its service to the nonprofit missing persons organization, Find Me.  Its members have in the past volunteered for intuitive research studies at the University of California, Berkeley’s Psychophysiology Lab; Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s now-defunct Corkin Lab; and University of Virginia’s  Cedar Creek Institute.

Admissions and Membership
Given the divergent definition of intuition, there are multiple ways to join Trishula.

As such, there are currently two kinds of members:
Fellows—members who’ve demonstrated high-range intuition under testing conditions.
Associates—members who are intuition researchers.

Become a Fellow
Type I (domain-specific) intuition–Gardening intuition, math intuition, mechanic’s intuition…given that there are too many domains to enumerate, it is easier for you to tell us what form of Type I intuition you feel you are unusually adept at.  We will try to find a way to test it to confirm your claim, though we may not be able to if it’s something that is incredibly obscure or fuzzy.  We will try our best, though.

Type II (general) intuition–We currently cannot test for Type II intuition (general intuition), because of the only test ever developed for that, the Cappon IQ2, has been lost by the university that last had it.  We will be working with our psychologists and possibly with a university to create a test for general intuition to replace it.  When that happens we will update here accordingly.

Type III (psychic) intuition–The easiest way to test into Trishula is to take our free Binary Intuition Test (BIT).

Alternatively, you might not have a Type III intuitive ability that can be tested via the BIT.  As with Type I intuition, tell us what your ability is, and we will try to devise a way to test it or have a university test it.



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