Elysian TrustE

lysian Trust is an organization with a mission to identify, find, and support individuals in communities who have remarkable cognitive gifts and talents. We aim to be their one-stop support and resource center for reaching whatever their dreams may be.  By helping build them up, we expect that they, in return, will pay it forward and build up their communities from within. We can be thought of as a human resources center for communities, rather than necessarily for companies. We see these gifted and talented folks as an otherwise untapped resource, especially when they come from struggling communities and under-served demographics.





  • We primarily focus on gifted and talented individuals from struggling communities and demographics, as they are more likely to be overlooked by other organizations and programs. However, by no means are our efforts limited to just them.
  • Additionally, there are many types of cognitive abilities we work with. If there is any scientific evidence of a cognitive ability— however scant—we try to support it in the people we find who possess it at an extraordinary level.
  • This necessarily expanded the mission to also help the neurodivergent and neuroatypical, as we quickly learned many of the people we encountered with remarkable talent also had a trade-off that came with their ability or abilities






Our fundamental mission is to find and foster these amazing individuals, regardless of the culture or country from which they come, and especially those from poor and developing communities. When we say we are a one-stop support and resource center, we mean it.  Some of the services we provide to fulfill our mission include:

  • Grant writing service (visions, entrepreneurial endeavors, and higher education often need to be funded)
  • Nonprofit consulting to other nonprofit organizations who work with neurodivergent people in some way
  • Online discussion forum that doubles as a professional and academic networking site,
  • Mentors
  • Social forums for members to meet others like them, and others that are just as neurodivergent, but in other ways. Essentially, we have a platform to help members find their “tribe,” or “neurotribe(s),” as some describe it.
  • Access to educational material about cognitive abilities and cognitive challenges that may apply.

We will add more services as we grow.

By supporting these people socially, economically, and through education, we help them to realize their potential, and most importantly, help them channel their abilities in ways that can benefit humankind.