Member Societies

Fostering cognitive talents

Elysian Trust has a number of daughter societies that each focus on supporting those with unusual cognitive abilities in the highest range that can be scientifically justified.   That is normally at the 3-sigma (around the upper 99.9th percentile or 1-in-1000) level, but not always.  Many of these societies also have a low-profit think-tank, outside of the Elysian Trust, that support them, and give members in said society an outlet for their mental faculties. In order for the societies to function well, they have to screen for civility as well as the specific cognitive ability they’re tapping into. Because behavior is so important, demonstrating the ability alone—even at a level much higher than the minimum—is not enough to become a member of any of the societies, although the societies can still do outreach work with and for such individuals.

In addition to those in the menus, the Elysian Trust continues to closely follow the current research on the different dimensions of human intellectual and cognitive ability. Should another testable type of cognitive ability be discovered, The Elysian Trust is committed to create and foster a society based on that ability and provide a service to those who demonstrate a 3-sigma aptitude in this new direction.


Volant is the society for individuals with high IQs.


Interrobang is the society for exceptionally creative individuals.


SOLAR is the society for those with high critical thinking abilities.

Hard Problems Club

Hard Problems Club is the society focused on solving hard problems through collaboration.


Wavelength is the society for individuals with exceptionally high EQs.


Trishula is the society for individuals with exceptionally high intuition capacities.