Outreach Services

Fostering cognitive talents

[dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]lysian Trust is actively involved in building awareness of the realities and challenges faced by people who are variously gifted. One of the biggest challenges in being unusual or “gifted” or being responsible for someone like this, is simple isolation. The following outreach services are methods used by the Trust to help in any way we can.

  1. The Elysian Trust’s chief outreach service is to find and foster those with remarkable neuroatypical cognitive gifts and talents who are living in communities presently unprepared to help them maximize their potential or even to identify many of the talents that these people may possess. By providing an online support network for those identified by Elysian, the Trust can help these people in their own localities, professionally, emotionally, and with regard to their abilities. By fostering the gifted, Elysian can create a reliable pool of talent upon which a developing community can draw. The service can be thought of as a human resources service—specifically talent management—for communities and community development, as well as for businesses.
  2. The organization offers tailored talent scouting and talent management services to businesses and organizations looking to capitalize on local talent.
  3. A nonprofit consulting and grant writing service other organizations may hire.
  4. A free and accessible information resource to the general public about the various aspects of neurodiversity in the community.
  5. The various think-tanks run by many of Elysian’s daughter societies perform a mixture of nonprofit and for-profit advisory work in their area of cognitive specialty.
  6. Assistance with establishing local support chapters for neuroatypical students in brick-and-mortar schools